08/11/20 – Tasked at 1333 by Falmouth, launched at 1346. Report of 2 kayakers in difficulty between Bigbury and Bantham, arrived on scene at 1401 to discover they had got themselves ashore, stood down and then re-tasked to 2 kayaks struggling in surf in mouth of Avon. Picked up and put  ashore and then returned to station at 1426.

17/10/20 – Tasked at 1750 by Falmouth, launched at 1756. Report of 2 paddle boarders South of Bolt Tail, flare used to locate as light poor. Located by light from paddle boarders phone and both recovered with boards. Return to station at 1832.

18/09/20 – Tasked at 1705 by Falmouth, on water at 1655. Report of upturned sailing dinghy off Bolt tail, on scene at 1714. Casualty and boat located 1 mile SW from Bolt Tail. recovered both and returned to Hope Cove. return to station 1855.

06/09/20 – Launch request by Falmouth at 1042 on water 1048. Tasked to 14m motor cruiser with suspect engine room fire. Smoke reported. resolved and returned to station 1124.

08/08/20 – Launch request by Falmouth at 1939, on water at 1947. Tasked to reported near drowning at mouth of the River Erme. On scene at 2002 and dropped 2 crew on shore to locate casualty.  Decided needed medical attention as hypothermic. Helicopter arrived on scene and evacuated casualty to Derriford hospital. Returned to station at 2128.

03/08/20 – Launch request by Falmouth at 1952, on water at 1957. Tasked to look for 13 yr old alleged to have taken a 3.5m rib from Salcombe heading for Newton Ferrers. Headed to Salcombe doing shore search as progressing. Contact made with Salcome Harbour authority who thought he had left earlier than we had been informed. Search then widened from Salcombe Estuary across bay to Newton Ferrers. Stood down from search between Mewstone and Stoke point. Returned to station at 2140.

29/07/20 – Launch request by Falmouth at 1958, on water at 2007 and on scene 2019. Boat on rocks between the Erme and the Yealm. The 3 crew had made it on to the rocks. Located and the Plymouth ALB used their Y boat to recover the crew and take them to Plymouth. Returned to station at 2116.

22/07/20 – Launch request by Falmouth at 1305, on water at 1314 and on scene at 1330. 28ft boat on rock on Mary Rocks at mouth of the River Erme. Floated and towed off on incoming tide. Salcombe ALB attended and put 2 on board, restarted and returned to Plymouth under own power. Back on station at 1645.

14/07/20 – Launch request by Falmouth at 1015, on water at 1027 on scene at 1029. Boat on rocks 1 mile East of Bolt Tail . 2  persons on board, engine failure due to battery problems. Recovered and towed back to Hope Cove and recovered on to trailer. Returned to station at 1141.

07/06/20 – Launch request by Falmouth at 1800, on the water at 1807 and on scene at 1817 to report of 2 paddleboarders in difficulty  West of Burgh Island. Stood down once on scene as Bigbury Coastguard had established source of report and paddleboarders safe on shore. Returned to station 1845.

31/05/20 – Another busy day on the water in the South Hams. Tasked at 1552 by Falmouth to report of large inflatable off Challaborough with multiple occupants. After short search located 5 persons had made it to the shore all safe and well but had abandoned craft – not recovered. Then retasked to swimmer in difficulty near Thurlestone Rock. Once on scene informed that reported casualty had made it ashore themselves. Then spotted 3 people deflating paddle boards on Warren Point, they had been struggling against offshore breeze and decided to come ashore and carry boards along coast path to beach. Returned to station at 1715 and washing down boat and disinfecting ready to rotate to put away when tasked again at 1730 to 2 kayakers in difficulty close to Sedgewell Cove. Shortly after launching stood down as kayakers had made it to the shore. Returned to station at 1745 to start wash down and disinfect all over again.

29/05/20 – Busiest day ever, tasked at 1032 by Falmouth to 5 paddleboarders in sea of South Milton being pushed offshore by strong winds. recovered 1 and followed others in to shore, on return journey spotted 4 divers and stopped to give safety advice, returned to station at 1115. At 1205 paged again to 6 people in inflatables blown offshore at Challaborough, escorted to shore. 1345 tasked again to windsurfer reported in trouble on Murray’s Rock, on scene, stood down then spotted windsurfer in water with dislocated shoulder, recovered and returned to station for first aid. Then tasked to inflatable of South Milton, recovered casualties to the beach then tasked to kayaker in trouble, escorted to shore. Retuned to station at 1430.

21/05/20 – Tasked by Falmouth at 1858 to report of 5 people stranded on Murray’s Rock. Launched at 1910 and no visuals of the reported casualties, proceeded to Challaborough side, then spotted people in water making for beach. CoastGuard confirmed casualties safe and out of water. Returned to station at 1930.

21/03/20 – Tasked by Falmouth at 1427 to report of divers in distress, called in by member of public from cliff top. Launched and located two groups of shore divers in the vicinity of report. All accounted for so stood down and returned to station at 1536.

11/11/19 – Tasked by Falmouth at 1337 to search for missing person as personal effects found on Bolt Tail. Launched at 1355 in to rough seas and force 6 winds. Searched from 1/4 mile east of Bolberry Down to Long Stone in tandem with Salcombe ALB and police helicopter. Stood down, due to failing light and worsening seas, recovered from Harbour beach due to rough conditions. Sustained some damage to props due to swell. Returned to station at 1630. Search continued onshore by police and Coast Guards.

31/10/19 – Tasked by Falmouth at 2357 to yacht dragging anchor just off Hope Cove Harbour. On scene at 0018, long tow set up and towed to Bolberry Down where handed tow on to Salcombe Lifeboat. Returned to station at 0149.

15/09/19 – Called by Falmouth at 1833 to rib drifting off coast between Bolt Tail and Salcombe. Launched at 1845 and located boat visually at 1855 about 3/4 mile SE of Tail. 3 persons on board small rib, 2 adults and 1 child. Engine failed so taken under tow and returned to Harbour Beach. Returned to station at 1935.

08/09/19 – Called at 1545 to dog over cliff at Bolt Tail, launched at 1600 and on scene at 1615. Dog located and crew member went ashore and recovered dog to boat. Returned to base at 1645 where dog reunited with owner and then taken to vets to be checked out for some cuts and grazes.

08/09/19 – While on training shout to report of boat on fire near mouth of Erme at 0944 on scene at 0955. Once on scene discovered it was steam rather than smoke as engine overheating due to cooling system blockage. Taken under tow to the Avon and to its berth. Returned to station at 1115.

13/08/19 – Tasked in response to police request for assistance in locating a missing person around Bantham, Thurlestone area of coast. Launched at 2200, on scene at 2213. Used thermal imaging camera to locate person on cliff. Coastguard then recovered them and the boat was stood down. Returned to station at 2308.

31/07/19 – Tasked at 1427 to 2 kayaks in difficulty off Bolt Tail, on scene at 1443 and picked up 2 people who had been in the water for 40 minutes plus 2 kayaks. Returned to station with casualties where they were kept to warm up for 30 minutes. Back on station at 1535.

25/07/19 – Tasked to broken down Jetski South of Burgh Island. Launched at 2030 picked up and returnd to Bigbury beach and handed over to Bigbury Coastguard, returned to station at 2146.

17/07/19 – Tasked at 1844 by Falmouth to a double kayak in trouble half mile off Bolt Tail. Launched at 1850 and on scene at 1854. One person in the water alongside kayak who had banged his head, the other person on mobile to coastguard. Both taken on board and kayak put on long tow. Returned to Hope Cove and the male with injury given medical advice re concussion and head injuries. Then handed over to Bigbury Coastguard. Back on station at 1930.

30/06/19 – Tasked by Falmouth at 1503 to boat with rope wrapped around propellor three quarters of a mile South of Bolt Tail. On scene at 1605 and taken under tow towards Salcombe. Passed tow over to Salcombe RNLI boat and retuned to station at 1645.

29/06/19 – Tasked by Falmouth at 1630 to 6m rib with engine failure off Keaton Cove, on scene at 1700. Taken under tow to Newton Ferrers, handed over to Harbour Master. Returned to station at 1905.

27/06/19 – Called at 1243 by Falmouth to report of paddleboarder in trouble off Quay Sands. On scene at 1254 and located paddleboarder who was OK and planning to fish from his board. Returned to station 1315.

25/06/19 – Called at 1941 to report of 3 persons in dingy between Challaborough and Burg Island. Launched at 1946, on scene by 1955. The dingy had made its own way to shore so stood down, on station 2040.

24/06/19 – Called at 1101 to report of dog gone over the cliff east of Soar Mill Cove. Arrived on scene at 1129 and proceeded to search along the coastline. Located the caller and searched below where they indicated. Too rocky to put anyone ashore to search and the thermal imaging camera did not show any heat source. Coastguard arrived to put someone down the cliff and we were stood down by Falmouth MCA. Arrived back on station at 1402.

22/06/19 – Called at 1500 to report of male swimmer in difficulties off South Milton beach. Launched at 1508 and on scene by 1523. The swimmer had made it to the beach without assistance. Stood down and returned to station at 1540.

31/05/19 – Called at 1501 to report of single missing blue kayak off Bantham. Reported lost from sight by the Lifeguards. Launched at 1521 in to very poor visibility due to fog. On scene at 1531 and search pattern to cover both East and West of Burgh Island followed then searched the River Avon. Stood down by the MCA and returned to station at 1720.

18/04/19 – Called at 1650 to 3 casualties in 2 kayaks, being blown off shore by strong SW winds with tide running off Bolt Tail, unable to make progress back in to Hope. Picked up and taken to Harbour beach with their kayaks. Recovered from slipway and back on station at 1728.

18/04/19 – Called at 1404 to 4 casualties in 2 kayaks and 1 SUP who were being blown offshore by SW wind beyond Bolt Tail and unable to make headway towards the beach. Picked up all the casualties and their kit and returned to the beach. Back on station by 1453.

31/03/19 – Called midday to 33 ft motor vessel about 2nm off the Erme with engine failure and taking on water. Located and the crew taken off the vessel and tow initiated. Salcombe RNLI arrived with their all weather boat who had a salvage pump. RNLI crew transferred to HC life boat and taken to the MV. Pumped out and measures taken to stop ingress of water. At this point the Plymouth RNLI all weather arrived and took the MV under tow to Plymouth to make repairs and continue their onward journey. HCLB and Salcombe boats returned to stations.

13/01/19 – Called at 1615 to assist in search for overdue walker. Difficult launch in very heavy conditions. Working with Salcombe Lifeboat and the Coastguards in searching the coastline. The missing walker turned up safe and all services stood down. Unable to recover in Hope Cove due to sea state, boat then made its way to Salcombe and recovered there, returned to station at 1822. This was our first shout of 2019 and our 101st since we took over running the lifeboat.

15/11/18 – Called out at 1044 to search for missing person at risk, working with Salcombe Lifeboats, Police and Coastguards. Casualty spotted by our boat at Bolberry and then CRT directed to site. Stood by while casualty lifted by Coastguard helicopter in thick fog and taken to Derriford. Returned to station at 1314.

28/10/18 – Called out at 1937 to report of lights at bottom of cliff near Toby’s Point Challaborough. Used para flares to light up beach and located 2 fishermen who were OK so stood down and returned to station by 2024.

20/10/18 – Crew Paged at 0155 to report of person fallen over cliff North of Challaborough, stuck on ledge. Onsite to illuminate and assist the Coastguard Cliff Rescue Team. Fired some para luminescence.  Returned to station at 0325.

24/09/18 – Called at 1241 to a DSC Alert along with both boats from Salcombe. Boat at anchor off mouth of Erme. No danger, boat had electrical failure, skipper sorted while in attendance, engine restarted and then proceeded up the Erme. Back on station at 1410.

10/09/18 – Called out at 1734 to assist in major search for missing person. Police, Police Helicopter, Coastguard and both Salcombe boats searching coastline and inland. Searched from Warren Point to Bolt Tail. Person located in St Clements Church so all parties stood down. Returned to station at 1853.

07/09/18 – Tasked to report of 2 persona and dog in difficulty in kayak off Amma Cove at 1656. When the lifeboat arrived the 2 people were on the rocks with the dog, the kayak loose in sea,  local lifesavers then recovered the kayak and all parties made safe. Returned to station at 1723.

02/09/18 – Called at 0852 to 2 ribs drifting 4.5 miles West of Hope Cove. Launched at 0900 and on scene at 0917. Ribs taken under tow to Salcombe, returned to station at 1040.

25/08/18 – Launched at 2206 in response to report of 19ft fishing vessel with engine failure 3.5 miles offshore requiring a tow. Stood down by Falmouth just after launch. Used time in water to check various functions and returned to station at 2301.

25/08/18 – Tasked by Falmouth at 1601 to search for 2 missing persons reported to be attempting to walk to Thurlestone from Hope Cove along beach before tide returns. They were located on Harbour beach enjoying Hope Cove Weekend activities, having returned safely  but not checked in with the person reporting the failed to return. Boat stood down and returned to station at 1730.

24/08/18 – Launched as 1620 to report of 3 person kayak in difficulty off Thurlestone sands. Occupants had been taken ashore by the local lifeguards so stood down, returned to station at 1645.

21/08/18 – Launched at 0800 to search for suspected suicide off West of Burgh Island, arrived on scene at 0807. Crew member put ashore below Coast Guard team where clothes had been found. Thorough search of area carried out, nothing found so stood down and returned to station at 0852.

19/08/18 – Called to report of 5m? boat seen drifting South of Grey Stone Ledge, launched at 1700 and onsite by 1702. The Coastguard were also searching from the cliff tops to see if they could spot anything. Nothing spotted near shore so search area widened, 9ft dingy found empty @ 5012.65W 00350.866W about 2 miles off shore. Collected and brought back to Hope Cove when returning to station at 1725. Salcombe Harbour Master contacted to check if any tenders etc. reported missing.

07/08/18 – Returning from Soar Mill Cove to Hope, called at 1330 to broken down boat off Yarmer Beach, arrived at 1340 and secured tow and recovered to Hope Harbour beach, returned to station at 1420.

07/08/18 – Paged at 1239 with report of cries for help in Soar Mill Cove, launched and on scene by 1302. Male unconscious in water, recovered to beach by people on shore, MCA on site. Ambulance on way so lifeboat stood down.

30/07/18 – Called at 1145 to report of capsized rib off Challaborough in very heavy swell. When the boat arrived the rib crew were all accounted for onshore where they had been pushed by the tide and swell. The boat was observed as it also made its own way on to beach. All safe and secure so returned to Hope, recovered from Harbour beach.

15/07/18 – Called at 2027 to 14ft boat with engine failure drifting 1 mile South of Stoke Point. Water in fuel found to be cause of problem. Engine eventually restarted and escorted back to Wembury as none of the occupants had life jackets! Back on station by 2145.

23/06/18 – Crew Paged at 0145 and boat on water and underway by 0156! On scene by 0204 to report of possibly 3 persons missing off Challaborough from 2 ribs anchored off. Crew boarded both ribs to check out and then searched Challaborough to Aymer Cove. Returned to Bigbury and Burgh Island. Final search from Burgh Island to Aymer Cove. Stood down and returned to Hope 0330.

21/06/18 – Called at 1420 to snorkeler in difficulty on the seaward side of Burgh Island. Casualty located with assistance of RNLI Lifeguards. Extraction of casualty by joint efforts of Sedgewell Lifeguards and HCLB crew, taken on board lifeboat and returned to Bigbury Beach and handed over to Coastguards. Thanks to RNLI lifeguards for their cooperation and assistance in these complicated conditions.

20/06/18 – Called at 1855 to report of swimmers in difficulty off Mothercombe Bay. When the boat reached the area found people in the water playing with a seal. No one in difficulty so stood down and returned to Hope Cove. False Alarm with good intent.

03/06/18 – Called out to report of 2 missing persons in blue kayak to the West of Burgh Island, shoreline search carried out, located kayak and 2 people on beach who were not in need of support. Then stood down by Falmouth.

26/05/18 – Took part in shoreline search for missing person, covered area from Bolt Tail to Soar Mil Cove then stood down.

21/04/18 – Called to broken down dingy off Bolt Tail, located and towed in to Harbour Beach.

30/08/17 – Called at 1518 to day sailing boat about to go on to the rocks at Thurlestone as not able to make way. Boat taken under tow with 4 persons on board and returned to Hope Harbour.

06/08/17 – Called at 1507 to overturned kayaks off Bantham beach, both recovered by lifeguards as the boat arrived, then tasked to swimmer caught in cove beyond Burgh Island. All made safe and the boat returned to Hope Cove.

01/08/17 – Called at 1520 to sailing dinghy being washed towards rocks between Mouthwell Beach and Beacon Beach. Enterprise with 2 on board had broken rudder, taken under tow and returned to Harbour beach. As the boat was being recovered asked if we could tow a broken down power boat from within the bay to Harbour beach as well.

19/07/17 – Called at 1500 to search for missing white power boat departed from Hope Cove. Searched area from River Erme to Hope cove when stood down as boat safe in Kingsbridge.

23/06/17 – Called to search for kayaker lost off Bantham beach for 40 plus minutes before we were alerted. Had fallen from kayak in the River Avon and been swept out by currents. Rescued one person and also brought swimmer in as well who had swum out to help.

17/10/16 – 1329 called to windsurfer in trouble off Thurlestone beach, boat launched on one of the lowest tides of the year to find 72 year old on windsurfer with broken mast. Escorted back to the nearby beach and lifeboat recovered.

08/09/16 – Called out to investigate unmanned drifting dingy off Thurlestone beach. Once identified as tender from sailing boat, owner contacted and made aware of the position.

13/08/16 – 2000 Lifeboat and Coastguards called out to 3 young people missing on body boards off Challaborough. Launched and left harbour and then stood down as all 3 found safe and well.

10/08/16 – 1530 Crew called out to search for missing swimmer alleged to have attempted to swim around Burgh Island. Joined by both Salcombe Lifeboats and CG helicopter plus two RNLI lifesaver inflatables from Bantham. Thorough search along the  coast and out to sea and up the Avon carried out, coordinated by MCA group, and eventually all parties stood down at 1815.

13/07/16 – 1330 Crew paged to attend a broken down boat in Burgh Island area, crew arrived at station and then stood down. When leaving the station an upturned boat spotted with one person on hull and one in the water off Hope Cove, returned to station informed Coast Guard and self launched, boat was approx .5 mile off Beacon beach. Righted boat and escorted two crew back to Harbour beach. Boat rescued was a Catamaran from Hope Harbour beach. One of the crew had banged her head so was checked over by the RNLI Lifeguards before ambulance arrived. A good coordinated group effort by the emergency services, RNLI Lifeguards and the crew of the HCLB.

08/05/16 – 16.30 Launched to rescue women on the seaward side of the Hope Cove breakwater who had fallen and broken her ankle and was unable to get onshore. Safely recovered and was then taken to Derriford Hospital.

07/05/16 – 19.30 called out to 2 anglers cut off by tide on a rock on the West side of the River Erme. Picked up and delivered to the Coastguards at Mothecombe slipway.

21/04/16 – 12.50 Called to windsurfer in difficulty in high winds off Burgh Island. Located clinging to crab-pot buoy about half to three quarters of a mile South of the island having ditched her rig. Brought on board the lifeboat with board, then crew searched for and recovered rig and then returned safely to shore.

19/04/16 – Called to Cabin cruiser that had pulled its anchor and drifting unmanned off Challaborough beach, at the same time the tender had slipped its rope from the shore and was also drifting East from Burgh Island. Owner of cruiser stuck on Burgh Island. Tender picked up and returned to cruiser with owner who had borrowed a canoe. Other crew member stuck on shore with tiller to the tender! All reunited after various trips to and fro in the lifeboat.

05/04/16 – Called out at 2019 to look for 8 children reported missing in the vicinity of Challaborough beach, searching with the Police and Coastguard. They were located within the camp safe and well so stood down at 2212. False Alarm with Good Intent.

14/10/15 – Called out at 2345 to some unidentified lights off Burgh Island. Using the thermal imaging the coast line was searched and a group of netters were found and checked on to see that they were safe and then the boat stood down.

06/10/15 – Mid-day called to person in the water on offshore side of Bigbury Island. Boat launched into very large swell and made way across bay. Swimmer had by the time we arrived in the area just made it ashore on the landward side of the island.  Yet again people entering the water in deteriorating conditions without realising the risk. Recovered boat to Harbour beach as swell making it dangerous to use slipway at Inner Hope.

19/09/15 – Mid-morning called to unmanned inflatable dingy reported drifting in Bigbury bay, while on the way to search area discovered a 16ft angling boat broken down with one occupant. This was taken under tow to the Avon and safely moored in Bantham. Search then resumed for drifting inflatable, found full of leaves and rubbish so presumed to have washed off from somewhere in high tides, recovered to Hope Cove. While lifeboat being recovered tasked by Falmouth to Salcombe along with the two RNLI boats. Arrived on scene at the same time as Salcombe rib to discover an empty angling boat, the fisherman was found some fair way from this and recovered to the deep sea boat and resuscitation applied. Our boat then stood down.

16/09/15 – Midday called to Wonwell Beach to assist with recovery of dog that had fallen 80ft down cliff. 2 coastguards and the dog recovered to the boat and then dropped on Wonwell slip. Dog then taken to vets.

04/07/15 – 1945 hrs called out to swimmer in difficulties off Bigbury, this swimmer made it ashore on their own but then the lifeboat directed by local Coastguard to 22 people attempting to swim around Burgh Island. Many in difficulty in 5-6 ft seas. 11 rescued, 3 of which in extreme difficulty,. This was an impromptu swim organised on Facebook with no supervision or safety procedures in place. All brought shore at Bigbury and now recovered.

03/05/15 – 1345 hrs called to canoeist in difficulty off Challaborough. Brought ashore and assisted by Bigbury Coastguard to call Devon Air Ambulance who airlifted casualty to Derriford hospital.

30/09/14 – Responded to MAYDAY from broken down fishing vessel off Armour Cove, towed in to Bigbury for recovery.

17/09/14 – Called to a catamaran off Burgh Island in force 6 and heavy seas that had capsized and ripped jib. Had righted but could not make headway due to sail damage. Boat taken alongside and towed to Hope Cove, no casualties reported.

14/09/14 – Called to upturned catamaran off Bolt Tail. Salcombe Lifeboat also on station to assist in righting craft. One female crew of catamaran needed prompt medical attention due to apparent injuries and brought in to Harbour Beach and then airlifted by Air Ambulance to Derriford Hospital, other crew member ( male uninjured ) and boat recovered to harbour beach.

18/08/14 – Called to small power boat with 4 occupants some distance offshore from Challaborough with failed engine. Towed in to Challaborough.

19/07/14 – Called out at 2300 to catamaran stuck on sandbank at mouth of the Avon off Bantham beach. Towed in to deep water and anchored safely overnight in the Avon.

30/06/14 – Called out mid morning to yacht with 2 on board stuck on sandbank at the mouth of the Avon on falling tide, water too low to tow off at this time so relaunched at 1930 on rising tide and this time towed off successfully. Yacht then made its own way to Salcombe under power.

23/06/14 – Called out to assist yacht off Bolberry Down with engine failure at risk of drifting on to rocks. Taken under tow by Salcombe Lifeboat to Salcombe for repairs.

19/06/14 – Called out to assist 2 swimmers in trouble in ebb current in mouth of Avon at Bantham.

26/05/14 – Crew of 15 assembled in two boats plus spare zodiac returned to cows location near Soar. The cow was checked over and then sedated by the vet and then lowered down the cliff face by the crew and placed in to the zodiac. Towed back to the slipway in Inner Hope and there returned to the farmer. Splendid effort by all involved as the RSPCA and Fire Brigade were unable to help in this case.

22/05/14 – Called to locate cow that had gone over the cliff between Bolt Tail and Soar Mill. Cow located near foot of cliff, alive and apparently uninjured. Vet to be taken round to assess health tomorrow morning and if declared fit then will be assisted to swim to nearest beach, for recovery, weather permitting at earliest opportunity.

29/04/14 – Called out at 2000 to report by member of the public expressing concerns regarding lone paddle boarder circumnavigating Burgh Island. Whole area as far as the Erme in the West and past Bolt Tail in the East searched with no result. No one reported missing or having failed to return. Search abandoned at 2145. Assumed that the paddle boarder completed their trip safely and returned to their base.

09/04/14 – Called out to yacht with 2 on board on sandbar off Bantham in very heavy swell. Managed to get under tow and pull from sandbar in to Bantham harbour.

06/04/14 – Launched to assist 2 canoeists in difficulty off Bantham beach, both escorted to the beach.

16/09/13 – Launched in force 6-7 at 1840 to rescue windsurfer between Bantham beach and Burgh island. Paddle boarder and swimmer had also gone in to assist. The windsurfer was recovered and the paddle boarder also escorted to the beach. The swimmer had by this time returned back to the beach. On return journey then called to a report of kite surfer in trouble between Thurlestone and Longstone, located very rapidly on the beach using thermal imaging. Not required to be recovered from this location. Details collected from kite surfer by MCA Coastal Rescue Team and the life boat stood down. Boat recovered from harbour beach due to sea conditions on slip.

14/09/13 – Launched to assist broken down motor boat off Challaborough at 1400, taken in to Challaborough beach. No casualties.

11/08/13 – Launched to assist Police, and Coastguard teams with search for missing person, finally located on Longstone beach. The boat then deployed to recover casualty from beach. Injuries as a result of cliff fall required Paramedics onsite so they were picked up from Hope Cove and taken to the beach in the lifeboat. The casualty was stabilised and then taken to Bantham beach in the lifeboat, from where the Coastguard helicopter took them to Derriford Hospital. Very intense operation in fading light that needed the full co-operation and skills of all the services involved.

27/07/13 – Launched to rescue dog at foot of Bolt tail, not on rocks as called in but rescued from above by CRT with direction from boat crew.

20/07/13 – Launched to rescue fishing boat with engine failure off Challaborough which was being blown by strong winds towards rocks. Taken under tow and landed.

28/06/13 – Launched to rescue kite surfer off Challaborough, put ashore at Bigbury – relaunched to provide safety cover when kitesurfer went back in to sea recover equipment.

17/06/13 – Launched to rescue 2 kayakers off Thurlestone Sands, all recovered OK.

09/06/13 – Launched to help broken down fishing boat reported as off Bolt tail, turned out to be Bolt Head so quickly on site to assist boat being towed by another fishing boat.

2012 Rescues

12/09/12 – Launched to rescue sailor in upturned dinghy in Hope Cove, righted boat and returned both to beach.

01/09/12 – Launched to search for 6 overdue canoeists Bolt Tail. All discovered safe and well and escorted to beach.

20/08/12 – Launched to swimmer in difficulty at Soar Mill Cove.

03/08/12 – Called out on rapidly rising spring tide and poor weather to recover overturned dinghy and sailor from just offshore south of Hope Cove. Both recovered and returned to Harbour Beach.

03/06/12 – Called out late afternoon in heavy seas, sea state 5 wind force 6 to search the Avon Estuary for missing person in kayak from Aveton Gifford. Stood down when person returned 3 plus hours overdue. Boat recovered from Bantham and returned by road to Hope Cove.

14/05/12 – Called out mid afternoon to help with search for missing person in and around River Avon, crew assembled and boat taken to slipway, stood down just prior to launch.

21/04/12 – Early on Saturday afternoon the Hope Cove Life Boat was requested to launch to attend an incident off Bantham beach. Although the weather was sunny there was a stiff breeze and a strong swell, a wind surfer had encountered difficulty. The boat reached the incident area in just over 10 minutes where it was able to assist some other surfers to help their colleague. The boat stood by until all were safely ashore before returning to base.

25/03/12 – The warm weather has understandably brought visitors to the seaside, and for the third time in as many days the Hope Cove Life Boat was called in to action to help those in difficulty. All three have had happy endings as earlier today the boat was called to assist the local Coastguard in the Yealm area who were involved in the rescue of a dog stranded in Aymer cove just off Toby Point. Responding with the usual speed the crew arrived on scene to assist the Coastguard, and the dog owner, to pluck the dog from the waves and back to safety on dry land. The crew this time included another trainee on his first ‘shout’. 18 year old Joe Brocklebank was part of the team joining his 20 year old colleague, Adam Burke, with some ‘live action’ under his belt. Congratulations and well done to both of them.

24/03/12 – The second shout of the season took place within 24 hours of the former, and was again a call to assist stranded canoeists. A man and his daughter had been caught in ‘swell’ off Yarmer beach and were thrown from their inflatable craft. The Lifeboat was on the scene quickly, and in quite difficult conditions ( bearing in mind the state of the tide, swell and rocks ) managed to get both casualties in to the boat. Both were suffering severe hypothermia and were quickly ferried to the boathouse where trained responders administered first aid. At the same time the MCA helicopter was called and, with the assistance of the local coastguard, landed on the beach in order to whisk the two casualties to Derriford Hospital, where both made a full recovery. A well coordinated operation, which had it not been for the swift response of the Lifeboat may have ended differently. It was a baptism of ‘fire’ for one of our new crew members, 20 year old Adam Burke, who was on his first ever live ‘shout’

23/03/12 – Hope Cove Life Boat were called in to action for the initial ‘shout’ of the season when two canoeists encountered difficulty off Challaborough Beach. Having paddled down the river Avon and around Burgh Island a young man and lady became caught by the ‘swell’ which overturned their inflatable canoe about 200 metres off the shore. Both were well equipped but the strength of the sea prevented them from being able either to ‘right’ their canoe or make headway to the beach. Bigbury Coastguard alerted the MCA at Brixham who requested the Hope Cove Life Boat to launch. They picked up the couple and their canoe and took them safely to dry land where they were treated for slight shock and mild hypothermia by the Bigbury Coastguard team. From the initial call out to arriving at the casualties took just under 15 minutes, and although the boat needs only three crew it was interesting to note that nine responded to the shout and were able to assist with launching and recovery, a pleasing testimony to the benefits of the winter training sessions.

Some of our 2011 Rescues

30/05/11 – Called to small pleasure craft off Bolberry Down with engine problems.  Five people on board. Towed back to Hope Cove.

31/05/11 – Called to Fishing Boat with fishing net wrapped around propeller. Three crew on Board. Towed towards Plymouth and handed over to Plymouth AWLB to return to Sutton Harbour.

31/07/11 –  Small sailing boat unable to make way as caught in tide off Bolt Tail – towed into Hope Cove.

01/08/11 – Two missing Kayaks (father and son), caught by tidal flow found in river Avon by HCLB and recovered back to Bigbury.

02/08/11 –  Boat with three persons and a dog on board towed back to Outer Hope after engine failure.

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