The Boat

The new boat was launched on Monday 1st April 2013 following a public service of blessing in Outer Hope by the Bishop of Plymouth on Sunday 31st March.

Here are some pictures of the new boat in action.

First day on the water 04.13 C First day on the water 04.13 A First day on the water 04.13 D

Here is a video from the recent sea trial in a Force 8 off Weymouth:

A New Life Boat for Hope Cove 

Two and half years after being founded, Hope Cove Life Boat, took delivery of a new craft.

Custom  built to very specific search and rescue requirements by ‘Ribcraft’ of Yeovil the new boat is comparable with any other of its size in the Country, owned by any other Rescue Service. The ‘Alexandra’ is a 6.4 metre Rib, powered by two Suzuki four stroke, 90 Horse power engines, both being fitted with post immersion systems to enable restart in the unlikely event of complete immersion. Fitted with the latest ‘Raymarine’ electronics for communication and navigational purposes, the equipment also includes the very latest in FLIR image stabilised thermal cameras.

Hydraulic, shock absorbing ‘Ullman’ seating makes for comfort and safety for the four crew, and seating at the stern is configured to double up as a stretcher holder. A stainless steel keel protector has been added to the design to assist in maintaining the integrity and safety of the boat when operating in narrow, rocky estuaries and inlets.

Already on the water, the boat will be in full service 24/7 throughout the year very shortly after the crew have completed their intense familiarisation training.

The purchase and launch of the new boat would not have been possible without the generous support of very many groups, individuals, associations, and business’s both locally, throughout Devon and indeed the rest of the Country and abroad. Those of us involved in the day to day organisation of the Life Boat are extremely grateful, and are both staggered and humbled by the wealth of interest and assistance. From small children giving some of their pocket money to the more elderly donating part of their hard earned pension; from small groups organising quiz nights, folk dances, cake and book sales etc., to larger concerns organising activities such dinners, dances, raffles and sponsored events; and others, be they individuals, larger conglomerates, or just interested parties who want to donate.

However, this does not mean the end of fund raising; in fact the opposite could not be more true! Our only income is through donations, and running costs for the boat are in excess of £25,000.00 per year. Part of this expenditure is crew training and we are very pleased to have recruited, and trained, several ‘young’ members this year, and are taking steps to promote a junior section next year.

When the HCLB was ‘founded’ at the end of 2011, one of the biggest challenges was to be able to be in a position to purchase a new vessel for 2013, knowing the current one would then be ‘passed its sell by date’. Some gave us little chance, but the optimism, dynamism and sheer hard work of the majority has helped to realise our first ambition. The hard work has only really just started, but we believe that Hope Cove Life Boat is in the infancy of (hopefully) a long and illustrious career. Thank you for helping in its ‘nursery’ stage and long may your interest and involvement continue.

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